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Personalized consulting

Customized to YOUR brand

I love helping others turn an idea into a reality (or sometimes just a larger, more defined idea!)

I offer unique expertise developed from successfully launching my own businesses, as well as from a cross-functional career in traditional public relations and modern storytelling.

From creative and streamlined (read:profitable) operations practices to developing proven branding strategies that inspire community, we can work together to cover all the necessary bases for starting or honing your unique business. 

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From ideation to biz plan

Where do I start?

If you've got the idea, but have no clue what to do next, that's where I come in. We will crystalize and hone your idea and cover all the basics in order to build out a thoughtful and cohesive business plan for your winning venture.

Building the dream

How do I do this thing?

Once you have the business plan, what’s next? I’ll help you take the next steps to getting your food business up and running. That includes everything from refining financial projections to creating a cohesive story for your brand, so you can launch with a bang.

Operations expert

Because "dream job" still means "work"

Getting started is just the beginning.  Whether you’re just starting up and want to launch on the right foot or a few years in and looking for a few touch ups, I will assess your unique business and offer multiple options for streamlining operations and maximizing profit while, most importantly, staying true to your brand.

Menu consultation

Creating the perfect foundation for your business

I’d love to help you create a menu that reinforces your mission, connects with customers, and earns you the highest margins. Together we can work on your existing menu in order to bring in new customers and create new press moments, or we can build a menu from scratch for your new venture.

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I know times are tough after the last 15 months (GAG), but I also know that this unique time has generated a new level of interest in “doing what you love”, so I believe this is the best time to get out there and create the career you’ve been dreaming of. As a result, I’m currently offering a sliding scale for start ups, and, when it’s warranted, “pay what you can” rates.

After discussing your status, your goals, and your timeline, we can discuss what rates, if any, would apply for your business. It never hurts to have the conversation!

Consulting services: Services
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